31 signals

Remember the 5 second rule

  1. Compare yourself to your past self, not to others
  2. Speak clearly and accurately
  3. Face and overcome fears
  4. Avoid unnecessary risks
  5. Be honest
  6. Keep your living or working space clean and beautiful
  7. Fix your own problems before criticising others
  8. Focus on one task and see where it leads
  9. Maintain relationships
  10. Respect social institutions and artistic achievements
  11. Treat yourself with care and compassion
  12. Help others and build mutual support
  13. Surround yourself with supportive people
  14. Focus on quality and significance in your actions
  15. Dress and act in alignment with your goals and values
  16. Prioritize meaningful pursuits over convenience
  17. Listen actively and attentively to others
  18. Improve the world around you
  19. Avoid arrogance and resentment
  20. Notice and take advantage of opportunities
  21. Read great literature daily
  22. Show kindness to animals and children
  23. Stand up against bullies
  24. Take action to solve problems and propose solutions
  25. Keep an open mind and constantly seek new knowledge
  26. Show gratitude in difficult times
  27. Be kind to others and avoid gossip
  28. Consider the impact of money on your decisions
  29. Reflect on past experiences and learn from them
  30. Respect others’ autonomy and boundaries
  31. Set ambitious goals and work towards them with determination.